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10 Official YouTube Channels for Tennis Aficionados (ATP, WTA, and More)


So, you were looking to go to the US Open this year, but for whatever reason, you had to stay at home. Although watching tennis on your TV, laptop or phone might not be the same as being on the stands; it’s essential that you find the best sources to watch the tennis Pros in action.

Thanks to the internet, or more precisely YouTube, we have access to great tennis videos of the best players on the ATP and WTA tours. Most of these youtube channels are from well-known organizations and tournaments. 

These are 10 official YouTube channels to watch professional tennis from the ATP and WTA tours:

  1. ATPWorldTour
  2. WTA 
  3. Tennis Channel  
  4. Tennis TV
  5. Australian Open TV
  6. Roland Garros
  7. Wimbledon 
  8. US Open Tennis Championships
  9. Davis Cup by BNP Paribas
  10. Fed Cup by BNP Paribas

1- ATPWorldTour

  • Joined: July 2007
  • London, UK

The ATP World Tour (Association of Tennis Professionals) is the organization responsible for the men’s professional tennis circuits. It has over 60 tournaments in 31 differences countries. They show the best male tennis, from match highlights to player interviews.  In this channel, they have exclusive content like hot shots, where they show the best shots of the tour. Also, you can watch stories and biographies of the top players. 

2- WTA 

  • Joined: May 2006
  • Location: Florida, USA

The WTA(Women’s Tennis Association) governs the women’s professional tennis tours. It has almost 60 tournaments in 30 countries, with more 2,500 players participating. They are the best for worldwide women tennis. In this channel, you can watch everything about women’s tennis like match highlights, best shots, red carpet, live matches, and many more exclusive contents. 

3- Tennis Channel  

  • Joined: September 2006
  • Location: California, USA

Tennis Channel is a sports digital cable and television network. They cover many aspects of the global tennis community, and have videos on ATP & WTA tournaments, players interviews, game analysis, tennis instructions, to name a few. Also, on their youtube channel, they have particular segments like My Tennis life, Bag Check, Destination Tennis, and OMG tennis. 

4- Tennis TV

  • Joined: January 2006
  • Location: London, UK

Tennis TV is the official live video streaming service of the ATP World Tour. They offered over 2,000 lives matches annually from all ATP tournaments. In their youtube channel, you can watch singles and doubles match highlights, players interviews, classic matches from other years, and other tennis events. They cover all the most important tournaments in men tennis from the Gram Slams and Master 1000 to ATP World tour 250 series. 

5- Australian Open TV

Ymgerman /
  • Joined: December 2007
  • Location: Melbourne, Australia

The Australian Open is the first grand slam of the year, played every January. In this channel, you can find exclusive videos and clips of matches of this year and past years. They have great interviews with tennis legends, as well as, with current top players. A few worth watching playlists they have are the Australia Open Classics, player profiles, and Shot of the Day. 

6- Roland Garros

  • Joined: March 2014
  • Location: Paris, France

The French Open, the only Grand Slam played on clay courts, is the second mayor of the year. This tournament, hosted in May and June of each year, is known for being the best Grand Slam for, arguably one of the best tennis players in history, Rafael Nadal. In this channel, you can find matches highlights, interviews, “best of” videos featuring the top players from the ATP and WTA. 

7- Wimbledon

  • Joined: March 2006
  • Location: London, UK

Wimbledon is the third Grand Slam of the year and is played on grass courts. This mayor,  hosted on The All England Lawn Tennis Club, is the world first tennis tournament ever. On their channel, they have live coverage, matches highlights, interview with top players, and a behind the scenes section. In addition, they have a segment where they show the classics matches and moments of the tournament in the open era.

8- US Open Tennis Championships

  • Joined: July 2006
  • Location: New York, USA

The United States Open is the last Grand Slam of the year and is played in the well known NYC. The organization behind It is the USTA, the United States Tennis Association. This event is the only Mayor that uses tiebreakers in all the set of single matches. In their channel, you can find players warm-ups, match highlights, press conference, interviews, shots of the week, and many more. 

9- Davis Cup by BNP Paribas

Bakounine /
  • Joined: March 2010
  • Location: London, UK

The Davis Cup, also known as the World Cup of Tennis, is a worldwide men’s tennis team event. In this tournament, countries compete against each other in a knock-out format. It’s organized by the ITF, the International Tennis Federation, and the most successful country is the USA with 32 titles. In this channel you can watch match highlights, top shots,  interviews, and live coverage, to name a few. 

10- Fed Cup by BNP Paribas

  • Joined: October 2010
  • Location: London, UK

The Fed Cup is an international women’s tennis team competition; It’s the equivalent of the Davis Cup for men. This event is the world’s biggest team sports tournament in terms of countries that participate (102). In their channel, you’ll find player interviews, live coverage and match highlights of current and previous years. 

Special Mention 

Although these are, in my view, the most important official youtube tennis channels, there are other ones that you should take a look at. Below I have added a few more. 

BNP Paribas Open

  • Joined: November 2009
  • Location: California, USA 

The BNP Paribas Open, also known as the Indian Wells Master, is a Master 1000 event (men), as well as a Premier Mandatory event (women). It’s the biggest tennis tournament in terms of attendants without considering the 4 Mayors. The persons behind the tournament are Larry Ellison, as the owner, and former top tennis player, Tommy Haas as the tournament director. In their channel, you can view match highlights, press conference, players interview, and different clips featuring the best tennis players in the world. 

Laver Cup

  • Joined: August 2016
  • Location: Ohio, USA 

The Laver Cup is a three-day international men’s tennis event played between two teams of six players each. One group is composed of only Europeans players, called Team Europe, and the other group, Team World, is comprised of non-European players. The event is named after Australian tennis players, Rod Laver, consider as one of the best players in his era. In the channel, they have the latest videos on the event, match highlights, and player interviews.

Hopman Cup

  • Joined: October 2012
  • Location: Western Australia, Australia 

The Hopman Cup is an international mixed-gender team competition, where eight countries face each other in a round robin format. The matches played are one women’s singles match, one men’s singles match, and one mixed doubles match. In their channel, you can watch all about the tournament from match highlights to players interviews. 

In overall … 

These are some of the official Youtube channels from the most prestigious organizations and tournaments in the tennis community. All these channels pretty much cover the full year of both men and women’s tennis tours. So, now there’s no excuse to miss your favorite players in action. Additionally, if you are looking for instructional YouTube tennis channels to improve your game, the following article might be of your interest “10 YouTube Channels to Learn Tennis

If there is another YouTube channel that you think we should add to this list, please let us know in the comment section!