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25+ Things You Might Want to Keep in Your Tennis Bag (From a Tennis Pro)

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Have you ever wondered why tennis players need to carry such huge bags to the court when they actually play only with a racquet and a tennis ball? It is because they need to be ready for any eventuality before, during and/or after the match.

Do you know Roger Federer usually carries nine racquets to the court for a single match?

And it’s not only the racquets, but tennis players also have to fill their bags with a large number of other essential items that they need during the day of their match.

We have compiled the most exhaustive list of items that every tennis player must have in their tennis bag.

These are 25 items to keep in your tennis bags:

1. Racquets

Having at least one racquet is a must; however, it’s strongly recommended to have at least an extra racquet. High-performance players (high school, college, league players) will usually carry around 3 racquets, while professional tennis players can go with as much as 9 for a match.
Even if you’re a beginner, you should at least carry a second racquet. There is always the possibility that during a match you’ll either break strings or the racquet itself. The last thing you want is to have to play a game without having the appropriate racquet.

So, next time you’re heading to the court make sure to have at least two racquets in your bag. If you’re a beginner and don’t know where to find your first tennis racquet, I’ll suggest you check these sites: tennis-warehouse or tennis express.

2. Tennis Balls

Though you’ll most likely be given new tennis balls to play during a tournament match, it makes sense to keep some in your bag as well. They will come in handy, in case you want to do some practice or warm up just before the match. Usually, tennis balls come in pressurized cans in a set of 3. I’ll suggest you keep in your bag at least a new unopened tennis ball can, as well as, used ones for warming up.

3. Water Bottle

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Having a water bottle in your bag can be very convenient. Even if you keep it empty, you can always refill it when you need it. To stay on top of your game, you need to drink enough fluids to stay hydrated. Dehydration during a match can lead to a loss of concentration, fatigue, and emotional distress. A water bottle is a crucial item to have in your bag to keep yourself hydrated and healthy on the court.

4. Sports Drinks

Besides drinking water, it’s vital that you drink a sports drink, as well. Sports drinks help you to replace lost electrolytes, minerals, carbs, among others. These drinks provide you with the necessary energy and water, so you feel neither fatigued nor dehydrated. So, make sure you pack your tennis bags with some sports drinks.

5. Sunscreen Lotion

The weather plays a vital role in how you feel and perform on the court. Sometimes, it can be extremely cold and at others very hot. During summer, your skin can suffer if you remain exposed to the sun for extended periods. And you cannot avoid this if you are playing a sport like tennis, which is often played outdoors. So it is recommended that you keep a good quality sunscreen lotion and use it to protect your skin from the sunny summer day.

6. Hat/Cap

You may not like to play your game wearing a cap. But you cannot and should not avoid using it during your tennis game if the sun is too hot and bright. A cap or lightweight hat can protect your skin from the sun and help you stay concentrated on the match. Keep a couple of caps or lightweight hats in your tennis bag. You are more likely to need them.

7. Visor

When playing outdoors, sometimes there is too much bright light coming straight to your face. This can make it hard to focus on the ball while serving or hitting high balls. A hat can be an easy answer to the problem. However, you can use a visor if you don’t like wearing hats or caps.

8. Sunglasses

Keeping a pair of sunglasses in your tennis bag can you help deal with those sunny days. Even if you don’t use like to wear sunglasses to play tennis, there’ll be times where you’ll be a spectator and wearing sunglasses could come in handy. Remember that extended sun exposure could potentially cause vision problems. A good quality sunglasses can offer effective protection for your eyes from the bright sun.

9. Towel

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A towel is an extremely useful item for any outdoor sport. You need it to wipe off the excessive sweat on your body, especially on your face and hands. Also, in the case you slip and fall on the court, you are definitely going to need a towel to clean yourself, especially if you’re playing on a clay court. So, make sure always to keep a clean towel in your bag.

10. Extra Dampeners

If you are using vibration dampeners, you know how easily they can get lost or broken. It’s always good to have some extra dampeners in your bag. Also, instead of using dampeners, you can use rubber bands; they are as effective as regular dampeners.

11. Extra Strings

If you’re a high-performance tournament player, besides being very particular with your tennis racquets, you’re probably also very selective with the type of strings you use. So, make sure to keep at least an extra set of your favorite strings in case you need them.

12. Extra Overgrips


Anybody who has played tennis with an old or slippery grip, knows how crucial it is to have extra overgrips. It’s necessary to keep at least a couple of them in your bag so you can replace a slippery or wet overgrip with a fresh one. Playing with a slippery grip can make the difference between winning or losing a point, and maybe the match.

13. Warm-up jacket & pants

Although this will most likely depend on where you live, having a light jacket and pants will help you keep your body and muscles warm before and or after the game. Remember that the weather can be unpredictable, so you really don’t know when you’ll need them. If you have plenty of space in your bag, I’ll suggest you keep a light warm-up in there.

14. Extra Clothes

Having an extra outfit in your bag can be convenient, especially if you’re playing a tournament. In many occasions, during a tournament, if you win your match, you’ll have to play the next round the same day. However, even if you just have a tennis practice or a friendly match, it’s always good to have at least an extra shirt or top to change during or after the game. I personally like to have two extra shirts, one to change during the middle of the match, and the other one for after the match. So, figure out what extra clothes and how many of them you might need, and pack them in your tennis bag.

15. Socks

These are such small but essential items that you can’t afford to forget while packing your tennis bag. Is not unlikely that your socks might get sweaty and wet during your match. So, try always to have at least an extra pair of socks in your bag, you never know when you’ll need them. The last things you want is to play with wet socks.

16. Extra Tennis Shoes

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If you are a high-performance tournament player, it’s advisable to have one extra pair of tennis shoes, especially if you are scheduled to play more than one match on the same day. When playing at high intensity, shoes are likely to wear down quickly, especially the outsole. You want to have an extra pair in case your current shoes are not in an ideal state. Having good tennis shoes is extremely important to move around the court efficiently.

17. Flip Flops

It can be extremely uncomfortable to keep wearing your tennis shoes all day long. You can carry a pair of flip-flops so you can wear them between matches and allow your feet to relax and breathe some fresh air.

18. Off-court shoes

If you don’t feel like using flip-flops, another option is to have a pair of comfortable off-court shoes. You can wear them before and after your tennis match to give your feet some rest from the heavy-duty tennis shoes. I personally like to use running shoes when I’m not on the court; they are usually very light and comfortable.

19. Jumping Rope

Yes, using a skipping rope is an excellent way to quickly warm up your body, especially your legs, before you hit the tennis court. Whether you use a jumping rope or not, remember that warming up before exercising is crucial to be on your A-game and avoid any injuries. Going into the match without sufficiently warming up your legs could have its costs. So it’s better to keep this simple but important item in your bag.

20. Resistance Band

Another way to warm and stretch before your match is by using a resistance band. With resistance bands, you can stretch most parts of your body. If you need some help in figuring out how to use these bands, check the following article “Total Body Stretching Routine With Resistance Bands.”

21. Football (American football and/or soccer)

Though it may sound a bit out of place, keeping a football or a small soccer ball in your tennis bag is a great idea. Tossing around a football can offer the much-needed arms and shoulders warm up before the game. If you’re more of a soccer person, you can pass around a soccer ball as part of your lower-body warm-up. Also, they are both great ways to stay relaxed before and after your match.

22. Gel Ice Pack

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Using an ice pack can help you treat your sore muscles and joints after the match is over. If you’re a recreational player, this might not be that important, but if you’re a tournament player, this is one item that you’ll probably want to have. Keeping an icepack in your bag will save you from many hassles during your post-match recovery.

23. Travel-size Foam Massage Roller

This is a great item to have in your bag after a long day of tennis. They are extremely useful in relaxing your muscles, as well as, relieving pain and stiffness from your body.

24. Waterproof Wet Bag

Having a waterproof wet bag can come in handy. After your match or training session is over, you’ll probably want to change to a new set of clothes. You don’t want to mix your used and sweaty clothes, as well as, shoes with the other items in your bag. Instead, put them in a waterproof wet bag, which compared to a regular plastic bag, doesn’t allow odor and wetness to permeate in your tennis bag.

25. First-aid Kit

Although we hope you won’t need it, having a first-aid kit in your tennis bag is as essential as your racquets. In this kit, you can keep athletic tape, bandages, antiseptic cream, Ibuprofen, among other things. On Amazon, you can find various first-aid kits that can take care of most minor injuries.

26. Ankle and/or Elbow Braces

Having ankle and/or elbow braces are useful items to keep in your tennis bag. Especially, if you had previous injuries in those areas. When you’re on the court, there is always the possibility that you can get injure or hurt. Using ankle or elbow braces are a great way to prevent injuries in the case you feel some sort of discomfort in those areas. Better safe than sorry!

After all…

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Tennis is a demanding sport that, in certain occasions, can stretch for hours and during this period players may need many essential items on and off the court that they, in fact, need to carry themselves. That’s why tennis pros need to carry such huge bags.

So, you, too, should pack your tennis bag with some of these essential Items.

If you can think of any other items that we should add to this list, please let us know in the comment section. Thanks for reading!