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Beach Tennis for Beginners: 10+ Tips / Strategies (Basics, Technique, Rules,…)

Most people get into beach tennis without much idea of what they are supposed to do or what to expect. Obviously, the one thing we all do know is to hit the ball over the net.

Today, we’ll provide some great tips for those getting their feet wet in beach tennis. Although your main goal is probably to have fun, you also want to do your best and perhaps win a few matches. 

These are 10+ Beach Tennis tips and strategies:

1. Keep Your Eyes On the Ball

Although you want to be aware of what your opponent is doing, it’s essential that you always try to keep your eyes on the ball. Even during contact point, when you’re hitting the ball. Also, keeping your eyes on the ball will help you focus more.

2. Focus

When playing, stay focused on what’s happening and what you are doing for your next shot. Be confident about it, don’t hesitate at the last moment.

3. Footwork

Good footwork is essential in this sport. You can have a great technique or strategy, but if you don’t have quick feet, it’ll be tough to execute your shots properly. Think of it as the fastest car with no wheels; that car won’t go too far. 

Many beginner players believe that they can play without having to move their feet much. However, that can’t be further from the truth. Since you’re playing in the sand, it’s harder to move, so practicing your footwork is crucial. 

4. Practice at Home

You can practice your strokes at home by hitting against a wall. Just make sure there is enough space to move around. Also, you can practice your technique by shadowing your shots.

You can check the following clip from “Beach Tennis Drills” for some inspiration.

Video Source: Beach Tennis Drills / YouTube

5. Know the Rules

The rules in beach tennis are quite similar to those of regular tennis. The main difference is that if the ball touches the sand, the point is over. Also, other differences are that there is no ad scoring, no lets during serves, and players just have one server. 

We suggest that you check this article to learn more about the rules of beach tennis. 

6. Scoring a Point

You score a point if:

  • The ball hits the sand on your opponents’ side. 
  • Your opponent is unable to return the ball.
  • Your opponent hits the ball on the net and doesn’t go over.
  • Your opponent hits the ball outside the court.

Remember that if the ball hits the line, the shot is considered good. Also, you are only allowed to hit the ball once, even in doubles.  

7. Serve

The serve in beach tennis is pretty similar to regular tennis. Try to hold the racquet with a little bit closer grip so that you can give more rotation to the ball. Unlike regular tennis, in beach tennis, you can serve wherever you want on the other side of the court. Also, remember that there are no second serves. 

It’s possible to serve either overhead or an underarm serve. Just keep in mind that if you’re playing mixed doubles, men must do an underarm serve.

8. Return

When returning, make sure you are in ‘ready position’ with your racket high up (about shoulder level). When returning the ball, don’t do a big backswing; instead, focus more on blocking the ball. 

9. Volleys

Volleys are pretty much the same as in regular tennis. One difference is that when the ball comes to your body, specifically to your backhand, most players do a two-handed backhand volley. However, when you have to reach for the ball on your backhand side, you should only do a one-handed backhand. 

10. Dropshot

When doing a drop shot, the main goal is to hit the ball back to the other side as close to the net as possible. In other words, hitting the ball short to force your opponent to move. Remember to take the ball as high as possible, as well as in front, so that you have more control of the ball.

11. Lob

When trying to lob, your technique and movement should be similar to those of a drop shot. The one difference is that when hitting a lob, you push through a little more so that the ball can go higher.

12. What Do You Need for Beach Tennis

To play beach tennis, you obviously need a court, rackets, and a ball. Those are the essentials. However, we also suggest you bring extra overgrips, comfortable cloth, sports drinks, granola bars, a cap, sports sunglasses, and sunscreen.

To find out more about the equipment and accessories for Beach tennis, we suggest you read this article.