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20+ Countries Where Squash Is Played (Where Is Squash Popular?) 

Squash is among the most popular racquet sports; millions of people worldwide take part in the game. There are thousands of squash courts around the world, spread over all the continents. But, which are some of the countries that are leading the way in this sport?

Squash is interesting in that it has a diverse draw, being played by people all over the world, whether it is in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, or the Americas. Out of all the nations, some of the following countries make up the largest segment of top players in the world. Yet, there are also other countries that are not on this list, producing some great squash champions.

Keep reading to find out how Squash is developing and prospering in the below-mentioned countries. 

These are the 20+ countries where Squash is played:

1. United States

Founded in 1904, US Squash is the governing body for all things Squash in the United States. The organization is considered one of the first Squash associations in the world.

The U.S. Open (Squash), which was hosted for the first time in NYC in 1954, is one of the world’s most prestigious and popular squash competitions. The event brings together some of the world’s best men and women squash players. 

Also, many American universities and colleges continue to add squash to the list of collegiate sports they offer – from intramural to varsity. 

For instance, several Ivy League schools offer and provide squash players with athletic scholarships to attend their programs. As a result, people are starting to play squash at a younger age, which drives the demand, as well as the creation of more squash courts.  

2. England

It is not a shocker that Squash is quite popular among the British, as they created the sport.  

Squash has been around a long time and has been popular in England since it was invented in 1830 by students of the Harrow School, just outside London. A similar game had been played for years among the men in a debtor’s prison close by. The game was adjusted to fit a different dynamic, and squash was born. It was first called “Racquet Squash” by the students.

The popularity of the sport spread quickly throughout England. And today, playing squash is a national pastime for many people in England. There, squash is played among people of most ages – from the schools to adult leagues.  

The country continuously produces some of the sport’s best and most talented players across the world. In 1995, the nation obtained its first World Team Squash Championships title. Every year, the country holds the British Open Squash Champion, the oldest squash tournament, where the best of the best compete against each other.

3. Egypt

Since the 1930s, squash has grown and flourished in Egypt for years. The nation, which is considered a Squash superpower, is home to some of the most celebrated, both men and women, squash champions in the world. Therefore, there is a sort of hero-worship that comes along with this. The younger generation of Egyptians, who look up to these champions, are becoming interested in the sport because of their celebrated heroes’ victories.

In the 1990s, Egypt saw major progress and development in the sport. Consequently, in 1999, the country won its first Men’s World Team Squash Championship.

Public as well as private funding and support have been responsible for Egypt’s incredible success in the sport.

4. Australia

Squash has a long tradition in Australia. The sport has been played in the countries for more than a century. In 1913, the first squash courts were built in Victoria. 

In 1934, Squash Australia was founded. This organization is the governing body of Squash in the country. It’s responsible for organizing Squash professional tournaments and events.

Some Australian squash legends are Geoff Hunt, Sarah Fitz-Gerald, and Heather McKay. 

5. Pakistan

Pakistan is another Squash powerhouse. This country is home to some of the greatest squash players of all time. One of them is Jahangir Khan, who won the British Open ten times and World Open six times. Another squash legend is Jansher Khan, who won the World Open eight times and the British Open six times.

6. New Zealand

Squash New Zealand, which is the governing organization of this sport in N.Z., was created in 1932. In 1967, the inaugural year of the WSF World Team Squash Championship, the N.Z. men’s national team finished third place. 

7. France

Since the 1970s, squash has been growing in popularity in France. The French Squash Federation (FFSquash) is the governing body of all things Squash in the nation. It was founded in 1980.  

8. Canada

Believe it or not, Squash is a popular sport in Canada. The sport has been played in the nation since the 1880s. Squash Canada, founded in 1915, is the governing body of squash in the country. It’s responsible for promoting the growth of Squash at all levels. 

9. South Africa

Squash has been played in South Africa since the beginning of the 20th century. The sport was first introduced by the British military forces. Squash South Africa, founded in 1910, is one of the first national governing bodies of squash in the world. 

10. Ireland 

Irish Squash was founded in the 1930s. The organization is the governing body for Squash in Ireland. The country is home to Jonah Barrington (aka Mr. Squash), who won the British Open six times. At that time, the British Open was considered the World Championship. 

11. Malaysia

Squash Racquets Association of Malaysia

12. India

Squash Rackets Federation of India

13. Wales

Squash Wales

14. China

Chinese Squash Association

15. Finland

Finnish Squash Association

16. Germany

German Squash Association

17. Peru

Federación Peruana de Squash

18. Spain

Real Federación Española de Squash

19. The Netherlands

Dutch Squash Federation

20. Colombia

Federación Colombiana de Squash

21. Scotland

Scottish Squash

22. Mexico

Squash Mexico

23. Belgium

Belgium Squash Federation

In closing

By no means is our list of countries complete with each nation that participates in squash, but it does reflect the diversity in the population of squash-playing athletes. 

This list just goes to show how popular squash is becoming the world over. This sport is prevalent in most countries in the modern world.  

The dynamic of squash players is of special interest. Athletes from all over the world make up the most celebrated champions in this category. Perhaps the draw to squash is the intense workout it provides, as well as the tests of athleticism.