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How to Pick a Beach Tennis Racket (Weight, Length, Material,…)

Also known as, beach paddleball, beach tennis is among the most fun beach sports. It’s a relatively new game that mixes some parts of tennis and volleyball, as well as, badminton. To start playing this sport, you’ll need a beach tennis racket and a low-compression tennis ball.

Today, we’ll provide you with the information you need to know, before buying a beach tennis racket. Thus, selecting the most suitable one for you.

When choosing a beach tennis racket, you should mainly consider the weight, length, balance, and head size of the racket. Also, the appropriate racket you should get will depend on your game level.

To find out more, continue reading; this guide should help you choose the best beach tennis racket for you.

Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Player

As we have already stated, you will need a paddle racket and a tennis ball to play beach tennis. When shopping for the stringless paddle, you will have to decide on whether you need a paddle for beginner, intermediate, or advanced player.

The manufacturers offer special rackets at different prices. If you’re a beginner, we suggest going for an inexpensive one, as you try the sport. If you are an intermediate or an advanced player, you can go for more fancy rackets, which start at around $50 and can go up to $200 or more depending on their quality.

Two Important factors: Weight & Lenght

The two most important factors to take into consideration are the weight and the length of the paddle.

A long and heavy racket will provide more power, and therefore it is suitable when playing toward the backside of the court. Light and shorter rackets are great when playing on the forecourt because they provide excellent maneuverability and control over the ball. Keep that in mind, especially if you intend to play mostly doubles.

Ensure that you have selected a racket that is light enough so that you can play comfortably, but, at the same time, that is heavy enough for the powerful swings.

The Qualities of a Good Beach Tennis Racket

Here are the characteristics that distinguish rackets from others.


As we have said above, a light racket will allow you to handle the racket quickly, thus, hitting the ball efficiently. Nevertheless, the light racquet will demand more effort on your arms, compare to a heavier racket, which provides more power when hitting the ball.

For the best experience, choose a racket with the maximum weight you can manage.

The weight of beach tennis rackets ranges between 320grams and 360 grams. The racket’s weight will definitely affect your feelings of the ball. Heavy rackets are stiff, stable and more powerful. They also transfer fewer vibrations on your hand during impact. Consider the combination of balance and weight during your purchase.


If a racket is heavier on the head, you’ll be able to develop more power on each shot, especially during a smash. However, such a racket will bear more intensely on your wrist. In the other hand, if the racket is balanced more towards its handle, it will allow you to control the ball more precisely, and it will be easier on your wrist.


Most beach tennis rackets have small grains, in addition, to a smooth finish. If you’re looking for a racket that provides high control, you should go for the ones with a coarse surface.


The material manufacturers use to construct the racket is as vital as the racket itself. The construction material will also affect the characteristics of the racket such as weight, flexibility, and stiffness.

Most producers use graphite, fiberglass, Kevlar, among others, as the outer material. The inner material is usually hardened foam, and it plays a significant role in the stroke force and elasticity of the racket.

Head size

Rackets with an average head size width are usually recommended. Keep in mind, that beach tennis rackets should adhere to the head size requirements dictated by the ITF.

Also, it’s recommended that you go for rackets with rounded rims because they are easier to control and play with.


The ITF requires beach tennis rackets to have a maximum length of 19.6 inches (50 cm).

When it comes to length, a longer racket will give you a significant advantage when serving because it offers a longer reach, as well as, a greater contact. On the contrary, shorter rackets are, usually, better balanced and easier to handle. If strength is not your forte, we suggest you go for shorter rackets.


The flexibility, elasticity, and strength of a racket will highly depend on the material used to manufacture the racket head, as well as, the surface.

A more flexible racket, generally, provides more power when hitting the ball; however, the downside is that it decreases ball control. On the contrary, stiffer rackets, absorb more energy during contact, making them easier to place and direct the ball.

Tips to Take Care of your Beach Tennis Racket

  • After a game, clean the surface of your racket by wiping off the sand particles with warm water and a towel; dry immediately.
  • Don’t immerse it in water.
  • Do not expose it to extreme temperatures.
  • When not playing, do not keep the racket out in the hot sun.
  • Try not to abuse your racket in any way – don’t throw it, or slam it down.
  • Prevent you racket from slipping and flying out by always using fresh grips- replace worn-out grips with new ones.
  • Store it in a safe place – get a zip-up cover or bag.

In Closing

We really hope the information on this article can help you with your racket searching process. Picking the “correct” beach tennis racket, it’s definitely an important aspect of the game. However, keep in mind that sometimes the best way to pick a racket is just by trying several out, and recognize which one feels better.

Anyhow, whatever racket you go for, remember to keep working on your game, and enjoy every minute on the court.

If you feel the information above is not accurate or needs to be updated, please let us know in the comment section! We are always looking to provide you with the best possible information.

Related Questions

What kind of beach tennis racket should I get as a beginner or recreational player?

  • As a beginner or recreational player, it’s recommended that you get a light racket with larger head size. This types of rackets, which offer a bigger sweet spot, are easier to handle, making them ideal for beginners.

What kind of beach tennis racket should I get as an intermediate player?

  • For intermediate players, it’s recommended that you get a relatively light racket with, either, small or big head size; depending on your preferences. These rackets are fairly easy to maneuver and, at the same time, offer good control.

What kind of beach tennis racquet should I get as an advanced player?

  • If you’re an advanced player, we suggest getting a heavier racket with a smaller head. These rackets offer an extraordinary degree of control and accuracy, which are essential when playing at a high level and trying to place the ball precisely.

What are the most popular brands of beach tennis rackets?

  • Some of the most popular brands of beach tennis rackets are Vision, Tom Caruso, Vairo, Sexy, Drop shot, MBT, HP, Ianoni, among others.