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Why Racquetball Players Wear Goggles (Safety, Quality Gear,…)

Racquetball is a high-intensity sport. You are running, swinging, and lunging to defeat your opponent. During the heat of a match, you may not be thinking about eye protection, but it is a crucial part of the game.

When you’re playing racquetball, it’s essential to protect your eyes. The ball flies around the court at more than 100 mph during many shots! Goggles provide protection for your eyes when you are playing a game of racquetball.

Wearing goggles during a game of racquetball will help protect your eyes from a fast-flying ball or a poorly aimed racquet. Damage to the eyes can be painful and sometimes permanent. Preventing this damage is crucial when you are playing such an intense game.

Racquetball: 5 Main Reasons to Wear Goggles

Sport-related injuries are common. In a sport like racquetball, your eyes, in particular, are in danger of injury. To protect your eyes, goggles are extremely important.

1. To avoid painful eye injuries.

A speedy ball hitting your eye is sure to cause damage. Eye injuries are quite painful and very inconvenient. They can affect your vision for some time (or permanently!), and they can be visibly swollen or injured for a long time.

Wearing goggles can protect you from these annoying, painful injuries during racquetball.

2. To avoid permanent eye damage.

Eyes are quite sensitive, compared to other parts of our body. They are quite delicate and can take some time to heal. If the damage is bad enough, it may not go away completely.

If you’re not wearing goggles during a racquetball game, it is possible to injure your eye to the point that the damage is irreversible.

3. Eye treatment can be expensive.

Even if the injury is minor, the treatment can still be a hassle. Emergency surgeries to fix damage can get quite expensive. You may have to take time off work to recover. The costs add up but can be prevented by wearing goggles when you play.

4. Recovery time.

Depending on the injury, downtime from work or from sports may be necessary during recovery. With one or both eyes unavailable for use due to an injury, it can be hard to get things done. You, certainly, would struggle to play racquetball if your visibility is compromised.

5. No excuses to not use goggles.

Even if the injury is not serious, explaining a swollen black eye tends to get old while you are waiting to heal. Luckily, preventing eye damage is an easy, affordable investment. There is no excuse to play a game of racquetball without the proper eyewear.

6 Characteristics of Quality Racquetball Goggles

When you’re picking out a pair of safety goggles for playing racquetball, it is important that you get a quality pair.

We want to help you pick the right pair of racquetball goggles, so we put together six critical characteristics to look for when you are picking out a couple of goggles.

1. Sturdy and Tough

The ball in a game of racquetball flies through the air at high speeds. You need a pair of goggles that are sturdy and can take hard hits. Research light, but durable racquetball goggles. You do not want them breaking during a game, leaving you with no eye protection.

2. Comfortable and secure fit

While you are running and diving around the court to hit the ball, it is crucial your safety eyewear does not slip off. Everyone is different, so be open to trying on several pairs until you find a pair of safety goggles that fit securely in place.

It is also essential that you feel comfortable and that you can wear them for the entire time you play.

3. Adjustable straps

No matter how secure your fit is, your goggles can still slip off during the heat of a game. Adjustable straps are great for preventing this. They will keep the goggles secure and in place for a whole game. You need to find a pair of goggles with reliable adjustable straps when you are making a decision on your eyewear.

4. Anti-fogging

Sometimes, your eyewear can fog up during a game of racquetball. This is not an excuse to not wear them! However, you can prevent this from happening by investing in anti-fogging lenses. These lenses will be vented or have a coating to prevent fogging. This will help you stay focused on the game, and it will protect your eyes.

5. Anti-reflective

Like fogging, reflections in your goggles from the lights can distract you from the game. This is also no excuse to take your goggles off. Finding a pair of goggles with an anti-reflective coating is easy.

Most quality racquetball goggles will include this feature so that you can enjoy the intensity of the game without reflections in your goggles.

6. Switchable Lenses

Different lenses are used for different lighting conditions when you are playing racquetball. You shouldn’t have to give up your favorite frames because of the different lighting conditions. Find a pair that allows you to switch out the lenses.

Goggles with this feature are much more versatile than traditional goggles that are unable to do this.

A good pair of safety goggles do not have to be expensive to be of good quality. Shop around and try some on. You do not want to pick the first pair you see. There are many options. With some searching, you are sure to find the right pair of racquetball goggles that will protect your eyes and keep you comfortable while you play.

Other Essential Racquetball Gear for Safety

Wearing goggles is not the only essential precaution you should make when you are playing racquetball. Several other types of gear can protect you as a racquetball player. We have put together a list of some other safety gear that is crucial when you are playing a game of racquetball.

1. Quality racquets

Picking out a quality racquet is essential if you are looking to play a game of racquetball. You do not want your racquet to break during a game. Breakage can lead to injury to anyone in the court.

To protect yourself and your fellow players, be sure you have a quality racquet that can withstand the intensity of a game.

2. Wrist tethers

During the heat of a game of racquetball, you do not want your racquet to slip from your hand. This can injure anyone on the court as well.
Adjustable wrist straps can prevent your racquet from flying out of your hand if you accidentally let go of it. Be sure to find a racquet with quality tethers so that you can enjoy the game without losing your racquet.

3. A Glove

Wearing a glove can help keep your racquet secure in your hand as well. It will prevent your racquet from slipping if you are sweating.

Also, a glove will prevent painful blisters and calluses. Not only will this protect you, but it will also improve your control while you play because it provides a better grip.

4. Quality shoes

Finding the right pair of shoes is also important. You do not want to be slipping around the court or out of your shoes.

You need a pair of shoes that will provide grip. You also need to make sure your shoes fit comfortably and securely. A good pair of shoes will prevent injury and will help you play your best game by providing good traction.

5. Extra pair of goggles

Do not risk forgetting your goggles. It can be a smart choice to keep an extra pair in your car or bag. Goggles are not optional when you are playing racquetball. They protect you from serious and painful injuries.
It is always important to have an extra pair nearby while you play in case you lose, break, or forget your regular pair.

In closing

Safety is key in almost all sports. There is not a lot of equipment required to play racquetball, but all of it plays a crucial part in either the game or in the safety of the players. Do not skip safety gear when you are playing a game of racquetball.

Proper gear is not just for advanced players. Recreational and beginners players should, also, invest in the right gear to play racquetball. Goggles, quality racquets with tethers, a glove, and athletic shoes will help you play your best game while preventing injuries that can change your life.

All in all, safety gear is for racquetball players of all levels. Whether you are a newcomer or an expert – or anything in between – make sure you are wearing all necessary safety gear when you step into the court. Doing so will protect you from many types of injuries.