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14 Drawbacks & Disadvantages of Playing Volleyball (Injuries,…)

Playing volleyball can have some fantastic benefits, such as getting a good workout, as well as spending time with others. But before you start any sport, you should consider the things that make it less than perfect. From potential injuries to a lot of jumping, consider the drawbacks.

Whether you’re considering playing volleyball or you’re about to start, you should know what you’re getting into. Volleyball can be an excellent sport, but there are some issues. Consider a few things that might be stressful or tiring about playing volleyball.

These are 14 drawbacks, disadvantages, and risks of volleyball.

1. Floor Contact.

When playing volleyball, your legs and knees will make a lot of contact with the floor. You need to do whatever you can to block incoming balls, and that can mean diving to your knees. Many volleyball players will use knee pads for protection, but, in certain situations, that might not be enough protection. You’ll also be doing a lot of moving and running around the court, which can take a toll on your knees in the long run. If you have the right shoes, that won’t be a big issue. But it’s still something to consider before getting ready for your next volleyball match.

2. A Lot of Jumping.

Along with floor contact, you will also need to jump a lot while playing volleyball. And if you don’t have the proper form or balance, you may not be comfortable. Eventually, continuously jumping and landing can put considerable stress on your lower body. Of course, you don’t need to jump all the time, but if you’re the player who gets the ball over the net, that usually means you need to be high up. To do that, you will need to jump.

3. Limited Hits per Play. 

In basketball, you can bounce the ball until someone takes it from you. Football players can run with the ball in their hands. But in volleyball, your team only has three chances to touch the ball before it has to go over the net. So you need to have a good strategy for passing the ball. This can get somewhat frustrating, especially for beginners. 

4. Your Hands May Hurt.

Because you can’t hold the ball, you’ll need to bounce the ball off your hands. And until you develop the right technique to protect your hands, you may hurt yourself. Even if you have proper technique, if a ball comes at you really fast, you may not be able to keep it from hurting a bit. So always be sure to protect your hands when you can.

5. Other Injuries.

Along with potentially hurting your hands and knees, you may experience other injuries on the court. You don’t typically make contact with other players, but you have to put your body through a lot of physical stress. As you start playing volleyball, try to take things slowly. Then, your body can adjust to being more active and making different motions. With that being said, it’s important to note that volleyball is among the safer major sports. 

6. You Need Good Spatial Awareness.

Something is always happening during a volleyball game, and you need to know what that is. Since the ball might come to you at any time, you need to be continuously ready to react and hit the ball. If you struggle with poor spatial awareness, you may have a hard time keeping up with the game.

7. Winning Is Complicated.

In other sports, you play one game, and the team with more points at the end will win. But volleyball doesn’t work like that. Rather than using a timer, you have to win a certain number of points and sets (in which you have to win by a margin of two). And after that first set, you still have to win two more sets before you win the whole match. That can be stressful, especially if you win the first two, but the other team wins the third and fourth sets. 

8. But Scoring Is Almost Too Easy.

On the other hand, scoring in volleyball can be surprisingly easy. Another reason why you always need your eyes on the ball is to know when someone is close to scoring. If you can block balls from the other team, you can prevent them from getting points. 

9. Multiple Positions to Learn.

You also have to learn each of the six common positions in volleyball. It’s not uncommon for teams to rotate between the positions, so you may not be able to focus on one of them. Learning and mastering each position can take time. But at least you’ll learn more about the sport as you practice each position. Still, it can be annoying, especially if you like to play in one specific spot.

10. Can’t Touch the Net.

Since you move a lot in volleyball, it can be all too easy to come close to the net. If you’re in the front row of your team, you may need to get close to the net to keep the ball from hitting the ground. But you need to make sure that you don’t touch the net. The ball can hit the net, and if you and one of your opponents touch the net at the same time, you’ll have to replay the ball.

11. You Need More Players.

For instance, if you play basketball, it’s easy enough to find someone to play with. You can play one-on-one or two against two. And if you can’t find anyone, it’s easy and fun to practice by yourself. On the other hand, in volleyball, you need at least two players on each side to have a fun game. And practicing by yourself can be unrealistic and boring. 

12. Can Be Hard to Start.

Because you need a court, a net, a team to play volleyball, it can be hard to get into the sport. You most likely need to find a team that’s looking for a new player. And if you don’t have any local teams with openings, you may be stuck for a while. That can be annoying if you want to start playing volleyball right away.

13. Requires a Lot of Teamwork.

Once you do find a team to join, you’ll need to work with the other members. Luckily, the team probably won’t have a star player, which means everyone can play their part. But in a fast-paced match, you have to work with each other to keep the ball in the air. You’ll have to rely on your teammates, and they’ll have to rely on you. If you’re more into individual sports and enjoy one-on-one competitions, volleyball might not be for you. 

14. It’s Among the Most Expensive Travel Sports.

Volleyball can be expensive, especially if your kid joins a travel team. A survey from Groundwork found that among more than 15 travel sports in the US, volleyball ranks as one of the most expensive per season. 

All in all

Volleyball is a fantastic sport. You get to play with other people, and there’s always something to do. But before you join your first team, you should consider the drawbacks and disadvantages of the sport.