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Volleyball: 20 Compelling Benefits & Advantages (Health, Social,…)

If you’re on the fence about playing volleyball, you should know there are many reasons to join a team. From getting some exercise to meeting new people, playing volleyball is an excellent activity for kids and adults. Consider the benefits and advantages of the sport.

Some of the benefits and advantages of playing volleyball are that it can improve coordination and balance, as well as do wonders for heart health and metabolic rate. Being part of a team is also a great way to meet new people and improve social skills.

Whether you want to join a volleyball team or have some concerns, you should know the advantages it offers. Even if you want to play for fun, you can find a team for you. Then, you can enjoy some of the benefits that apply to volleyball players of all ages and levels.

These are 20 benefits and advantages of playing volleyball.

1. Improve Coordination and Balance.

When you play volleyball, you need to know how and where to hit the ball. You also have to watch the ball even when you don’t have it. And if you’re the player who spikes the ball, you need to have a good sense of balance. Then, you can jump and land without hurting yourself.

2. Gets You Physically Active.

As you learn coordination and balance, you’ll have a fantastic chance to get active. Whether you’re in school or at work all day, many people sit for long periods. Playing volleyball gets you away from your desk and moving around. Even as you start playing, you’ll learn different positions and plays.

3. Sleep Better.

Several studies show that regular exercising (and being active) can help you sleep better. If you get a bit of exercise through volleyball, it can help you fall asleep more easily, and it can help you get better sleep. You don’t need to play daily to reap some of these benefits, just a few times a week will do. 

4. Help Heart Health.

Along with sleeping better, playing volleyball can improve your heart health. Getting active can help with your circulation by getting your blood pumping. As the blood moves through your body, it can transport oxygen and other nutrients to your organs. It may not get rid of any heart problems, but it can help your heart’s function.

5. Increase Metabolic Rate.

If you’ve ever watched a volleyball game, you’ve probably seen the players move all the time. That constant movement can help with your energy and stamina, which can then improve your metabolism.

6. Burn Fat and Calories.

Playing any type of volleyball can help you burn calories, which can then help you burn fat. Depending on the intensity, as well as your weight, volleyball can help you burn anywhere from 105 to 765 calories in just 30 minutes.

7. Strengthen Muscles.

Volleyball is a sport that requires significant strength and power. Whenever you hit the ball, for instance, a spike or serve, you need to use your entire body. As you practice and work on your technique, you will notice that your legs, arms, and core will get stronger.

8. Tone Your Body.

Many people want to have toned muscles, be it in their arms, abs, or legs. As you build muscle strength with volleyball, you will probably get more toned. Getting toned may not be your main reason for playing volleyball, but it’s an added benefit.

9. Low-contact Sport.

Along with all of these physical benefits, volleyball is an excellent low-contact sport. Therefore, it has a low risk of injury. Compared to a sport like football or soccer, volleyball players rarely touch each other. Since you don’t have to worry about constantly getting hit by your opponent, you can focus your attention on the ball and the game. 

10. Improve Your Mood.

Getting active can be an excellent way to improve your mood, and playing volleyball is no exception. Playing volleyball can make you feel better, and it can help with your self-confidence. Being part of a team can help since you’ll have the encouragement of your teammates. Plus, when you win, you can all feel proud of your accomplishments.

11. Get Your Stress Out.

If you have a lot of stress, you need a way to get that out of your system. And from spiking to hitting the ball, volleyball is an excellent option. You can use the stress you have to give yourself more energy when hitting the ball, and you can get rid of that stress while improving your game.

12. Enhance Your Focus.

When playing volleyball, you have to put most of your focus on the ball. While you should also focus on your teammates and their movements, the ball is your primary target. After all, you want to do whatever you can to keep the ball off your side of the court. Focusing on that one thing can help you focus on things off the court.

13. Meet New People.

Another fantastic benefit of playing volleyball is that you can meet new people. You don’t have to do much to make new friends, and you can just find a local league that can help you join a team. Once you start playing, you can talk with your teammates and even do things with them outside of practice.

14. There’re Many Variations of the Game.

If you enjoy playing volleyball, you can also participate in many variations of the sport – from beach volleyball and water volleyball to Bossaball. Wait, Bossaball? Yes, that’s a sport quite similar to volleyball. Check the following YouTube clip to get a better idea.

Video Source: YouTube / Bossaball International

15. Learn Teamwork.

Playing on a team will give you the chance to learn how to work with others. You and your teammates need to work together to get the ball over the net in three moves. If you can’t work together, you won’t get very far. It has been said the volleyball is the “ultimate team sport”.

16. Be a Leader.

While working as a team is essential, so is showing leadership. If no one else is stepping up with a strategy, you can be that leader. Then, you can use those skills at school or work. But make sure you know when to be a leader and when to be part of the team.

17. No Time Limit.

Volleyball is one of few sports that don’t rely on a clock to determine when a game ends. Instead, you have to get to a certain number of points based on the match and type of game. Therefore, if you don’t have a great start in the game, you can still make up for it. 

18. Try Sitting Volleyball.

A lot of sports make adjustments to allow people with disabilities to play, and so does volleyball. As regular volleyball and beach volleyball, sitting volleyball is an official competition that is regulated by USA Volleyball. The game uses a lower net, and everyone sits on the court to play. If you want to branch out, give sitting volleyball a try.

Video Source: YouTube / Team USA

19. Co-ed Is Common.

Although volleyball competitions usually separate men and women, friendly co-ed games are quite common. Many high school and college programs have co-ed volleyball leagues that you and your kids can join. 

20. Among the most popular sports.

To many, this might come as a surprise; but it’s true! Volleyball is among the most popular sports globally, along with basketball and soccer (football). For those who play volleyball, this means that there is plenty of opportunities to play (and enjoy) a game, as well as to meet new people. 

Last Word

As you can see, playing volleyball is more than just getting some exercise and hitting the ball over the net. Consider some of these advantages if you’re interested in playing volleyball. And if you’re already do, keep reaping the rewards. Good luck!