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Becoming a Pro Soccer Player: 4 Fundamentals + 10 Special Skills

What sets the world’s best soccer players apart from the rest? The answer is their top-notch soccer skills and qualities – from the “scissor move,” “chop move,” rapid dribbling skills to the “rainbow kick”!

If you want to become a top soccer player, just like your idols, then mastering their outstanding skills and attributes will help you thrive in your game. Of course, it would help if you also had precision, power, and discipline to dedicate to the sport.

In short, to become a great soccer player, you need a nuanced level of unique skill set, playing style, and precision of the sport.

Qualities needed to become a top soccer player:

Embracing your full potential as a soccer player requires mastering the following fundamentals:

  • Game intelligence: Assessment of risk, awareness of space, and tactical expertise
  • Technique: Dribbling skills, accurate passing skills, ball and body control
  • Fitness: Coordination and balance, endurance, power, and speed
  • Open mindset: Calm and steady mental prowess, motivated, compassion

10 Moves and Skills of Top Soccer Players

1. Scissors Move

 Video Source: YouTube / Football Skills Coach 

The Scissors Move is best used for overleaping your defender. It’s a fluid move that requires a soccer player to use the outside of their feet and act as if they are going one way but only to cut to the other way around.

The scissor move is one of the most powerful ones in soccer. However, it would help if you had sheer rigor and dexterity to deliver the specific skill’s impact in the field. It might appear to be an easy-to-do move, but in reality, you need to invest hours of practice in killing it with the Scissors Move.

2. Rainbow Flick

 Video Source: YouTube / SOCCSTER

The rainbow flick, or the reverse flick-over, has several names based on the location. In Brazil, it is called Lambreta or Carretilha, and in the UK, Ardiles. In Italy, it is known as Lambretta, and Okocha-Trick, in Germany. The French call it coup du sombrero and Arco Iris in Spain.

The trick works wonders as an offensive move to drive the ball forward. You can use this distinct skill to fly down the field by moving past the defender.

You can master the rainbow flick or kick by lightly pushing the ball ahead first. The next step is to catch up with the ball and position it between the legs. Keep one foot behind and the other in front of the ball.

Once set, use your back foot to secure the ball and start rolling it with your front leg. Next, use your front leg, leaning forward (with the ball positioned above your ankle) and kicking the ball over your head. Get the move right and enjoy the puzzled look on your defender.

3. Elastico

 Video Source: YouTube / Manuel Romero

Elastico – a dribbling move – is also called la culebritasnakebiteAkka, and flip-flapSergio Echigo – a Japanese-Brazilian player, invented this soccer skill. 

Elastico is one of the most tenacious soccer moves to pull off. However, if you practice it with arduous passion, control, and discipline, you can use it to fool your defender by making him/her think of it as an offensive move.

4. Rabona

 Video Source: YouTube / SSS Football

Rabona is a kicking method, which was made famous in the 70s by Giovanni Roccotelli, an Italian player. You can use the Rabona soccer skill if you have a weaker foot and aren’t sure of crossing the ball.

You can dupe your defender with a Rabona since it is an unnatural move, and defenders are well-aware of an attacker’s most active foot – you can cross or pass with a position that is different than the “logical foot.”

5. The Roulette / Spin Move

Video Source: YouTube / Football the Great

The Roulette, a.k.a as the Spin360°, or the Marseille turn, were the signature moves of Diego A. Maradona and Zinedine Y. Zidane – two great World Cup Champions. This move is great to trick the defenders. 

In general, use the move when you witness an opposing player approaching from the side or head on your master foot. You can gain ball control with the first drag back by moving the ball from the opposing player’s tackle arc. The direction of the ball alters in the second drag back. You can propel in a single direction by combining the spins and power through a shot. 

6. The Pullback

Video Source: YouTube / AllAttack

The ‘V’ Pullback or Drag Back was invented by the Hungarian soccer legend – Ferenc Puskás. It’s an excellent soccer maneuver because you can drive the ball to an open space and attempt other moves consequently.

To pull off the Pullback, you need to move up to your opponent in the head left direction. The next step is to do a pullback by putting your right foot on the ball in a swift motion. After the Pullback, angle your foot by placing it behind the ball, rebound off the foot, with the ball still in a rolled back motion, right into the open space. Continue with the ball and your defender behind.

7. Riquelme Move

Video Source: YouTube / Juan Ramiro

An impressive soccer maneuver – the Riquelme Move requires a unique set of skills to ace it. It’s not a smooth move to perfect, so prepare to invest enough time to succeed in getting the best results. Maintain focus, relax your body, and avoid rushing into your opponent if you don’t want to lose the ball to him/her.

Target your opponent and push the ball forward. Keep the ball close to you and swiftly approach your opponent. When you’re on the verge of reaching your opponent, use a 90-degree angle of your sole at your left (right-footed players) to pull the ball and touch it with your heel to get between your opponent’s leg. Get ball control by accelerating it from your opponent.

8. Seal Dribble

Video Source: YouTube / HowHigh3103

A dribbling move – you can use the Seal Dribble by flicking the ball onto your head from the ground and bouncing on your forehead, only to run past your opponent. The maneuver is just like a seal in action, hence the term – Seal Dribble. You can use the Seal Dribble if you want to put forth a substantial challenge to your opponent.

9. The Falcao Dribble

Video Source: YouTube / Jake10Football

The Falcao Move or Dribble is a distinct soccer skill named after the famous Brazilian professional futsal player, Alessandro Rosa Vieira (aka Falcão). To pull off this move, use one of your feet from the side to drag the ball. Shift the next foot to place on top of the ball from outside to inside position. Remember to do the stopover in a swift and smooth drift. Next, drag back the ball to your original foot, with the sole.

10. The Cruyff Turn

Video Source: YouTube / 50 great World Cup moments

The Cruyff Turn was the brainchild of the famous Dutch soccer player – Johan Cruyff. If you want to deceive your dreaded opponent, you should try the Cruyff Turn. 

You can achieve the maneuver by positioning the ball in front of you but within striking distance. Next, place your body in a position that is equivalent to kicking the ball. However, instead of kicking, turn your shoulders and drag the ball behind the standing leg. The final step is to move past the defender in a quick motion.