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Motorsports: 14 Benefits and Advantages (Safety, Jobs, …)

Motorsports is an industry that’s enjoyed by many people and professionals; not just the driver and fans. Motorsports offer benefits to the drivers, of course (who get to have the most fun), the fans, the sponsors, and various commercial industries too (manufacturers of equipment, accessories, and safety gear). You probably haven’t given it much thought before, and neither did I. 

Before I fully understood the benefits of motorsports across the board, I just thought it was a sport focused on zooming around a track in a super-fast Formula One car. I was wrong. If you want to know what the benefits of motorsports are, you have come to the right place.

When it comes to motorsports, the benefits aren’t immediately obvious, but if you give it some thought, you will realize just how many people, lives, industries, and countries it currently benefits. If you want to learn about the benefits of motorsports, read on below.

These are 14 benefits and advantages of Motorsports:

1. Improves safety (in the sport and on the road).

All motorsports change, advance, and become safer with each passing year. This only happens because the industry professionals are paying attention to the vehicles and drivers as the sport progresses. If there is a way to improve on safety, it becomes a primary focus. This is great for drivers, yes, but it is also beneficial to the consumer.

2. Ensures the production of more durable vehicles and accessories. 

When Formula One vehicles whizz around the track and when Motor Cross bikes ramp challenging hills, it’s not just for exhilaration and a win (although that is important). It’s also to come to conclusions about vehicle’s components and accessories. 

The production teams want to know how the tires performed and if they can be improved on. They also want to know which tires are the best in the range available. Another area of interest might be the brakes, which have certainly gone through changes over the years. Are the brakes effective? Are they safe? Can they be improved? You get the picture! 

Motorsports are one important reason why the vehicle and transport industries see various advances over time.  

3. Tests driver & vehicle ability in extreme and adverse road conditions.

When your favorite motorsports legend is out there in the pouring rain on a wet track and with poor visibility, it’s not in vain. And it’s not just to show off. The data collected can be really useful going forward for the development of the transportation industry. 

Vehicles can be tested for safety in a variety of weather and road conditions. Drivers and their vehicles can be assessed for handling ability in misty or wet conditions, brakes can be tested for capability on a slippery surface, speed can be monitored along with corner handling in gale-force winds – and so the list of possible tests goes on.

4. Provides fast and efficient technologies useful to other industries.

If you are a fan of a motorsport, such as Formula One, you might notice that the drivers are in constant contact with a technical team. The team back in the “office” is monitoring the vehicle as well as the driver. To do this, fast and efficient technology is used to gather data and translate it into information that can be used to improve the vehicle and driver’s performance. 

The software and technology used are not only fit for use in the motorsport industry. In fact, such systems can offer usefulness in other industries if required. The fact that software and technology are being developed to serve the motorsport industry, which requires precision data and super-fast processing speeds, means that other industries can have access to the same data and systems or creators of such advanced tech. 

5. Job/career creation for drivers and technical teams.

For the drivers, the benefits extend beyond the fun they get to have when adrenaline is surging through their veins, and they are almost soaring around the track. 

For aspiring young adrenaline junkies, the motorsport industry offers job and career possibilities. It’s much the same for each and every technician, mechanic, and data analyst working with the driver to enhance performance and create scenarios where the vehicle is going at the highest possible speed with the most amount of safety attached. 

Job creation is one of the most important benefits of motorsports.

6. Provides drivers and influencers with the opportunity to make a difference.

Not everyone gets to make a difference, but when you are a motorsport hero, you are in the perfect position to. What’s great about motorsport on a professional level is that drivers/racers are international figures racing for specific brands. This means that one person can have a following/fan base in just about every country. 

Let’s take Formula One, for example. Lewis Hamilton has used his fame and massive fan base to promote greener living. While he is racing, which is not considered particularly environmentally friendly, he is trying to make a difference and mitigate his carbon footprint. He promotes veganism, animal rights, and has even opened a chain of vegan restaurants. 

Without Hamilton following, the reach he has had and the difference has made would be quite different. Just his support of greener living has spurred thousands of other people to follow suit.

7. Boosts confidence and reduces stress levels for drivers.

For the average man on the street, getting involved in motorsports for a day could do wonders for boosting confidence. Getting behind the wheel, taking control of the vehicle, and driving at a super-fast speed is enough to get the adrenaline pumping. Being able to control the vehicle and feel the power is also enough for a confidence boost. 

For people who enjoy motorsports recreationally, stress levels and confidence are taken care of. 

8. Variety for the fans to follow.

For the fans, the benefits of motorsports are many. One of them is that there’s variety involved. There are so many motorsport heroes to follow, and there’s no reason why you have to pick one. People need to have someone to look up to. It gives them a sense of pride (in their hero’s achievements) and also provides a healthy form of entertainment (why laze on the couch all day when you can head out and watch your favorite race driver?).

9. Attracts foreign tourism and thus increases tourism revenue.

The benefits of motorsport can also be enjoyed by the entire country. When fans travel to a foreign country to watch a race live and show support to their chosen driver, it brings money into that particular country. And the money brought in is not just on ticket sales. It’s also spent on accommodation, food and drink, sights, places of interest and more. 

Local businesses get a nice monetary boost when an influx of tourists arrives for an event. For instance, in any given year, the Formula 1 draws tourists to many different countries like Australia, China, Spain, Monaco, Canada, France, England, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Singapore, Russia, Japan, Mexico, USA, Brazil, and Abu Dhabi. 

10. Gives people something to look forward to.

Nothing brings a country together more than having an event to look forward to. Motorsports events are always a “big deal” and thoroughly enjoyed by young and old. In fact, it can be fun for the whole family. One of the many benefits that motorsports have for a community is providing something to look forward to.

11. Creates a sense of togetherness for groups/teams.

Supporting motorsports can be a great teambuilding exercise. For corporate environments or teams, attending motorsports events, or simply supporting from the couch or pub, can be a great way to create a sense of togetherness and promote a bit of fun at the same time. 

12. Provides wide exposure for sponsors in print, electronic, and broadcast media.

For motorsports sponsors, the benefits are exceptional. Sponsors obviously receive exposure on the track on race day, but they also get exposed to an extremely wide audience in print media, digital media, and broadcast media (television and radio).

13. Creates a positive public perception for sponsor brands.

For sponsors, it’s not just about advertising their brand. The real benefit lies in being associated with a driver who is respected and admired by the general public. If sponsors associate their brand with a driver that’s won the heart of the general public and has a growing fan base, they are securing themselves a positive public image and can expect their brand to grow with the drivers. 

14. Motorsport events and competitions put host countries on the map.

While motorsport events and championships offer huge immediate tourism benefits for host countries, there’s also a major benefit for future tourism. Not all fans can travel to a host country on short notice. Motorsports events typically shine a spotlight on the country, creating interest in it and encouraging new visitors to venture to it in the future. This puts the country on the map and may (usually does) lead to future visitors.

Support Motorsports & Reap the Rewards

If you want to be part of a positive influence, not only in your own life as a fan, but also in the lives of other supporters, those employed in the industry, and your country – support Motorsports (or get involved yourself).